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Plumber at Work

Why RGroup is using PropertyMeld


Property Meld is the maintenance solution

the property management industry has been waiting for


Gone are the days of inefficient manual processes that result in playing middle-man, angry residents, and owners at risk of churn. With our specialized maintenance solution, property managers across North America are leveraging property maintenance as their largest opportunity for financial growth and operational efficiency.



Increase in Operational Efficiency with Maintenance Automation

Automate and enforce your standard operating procedures with the flexibility of our new automation tool. Your efficiency will improve by completing maintenance tasks faster and flawlessly.

Complete Oversight with Real Time Efficiency Metrics

Simply log in for full oversight of your maintenance operations with our real-time dashboard metrics.

Improve Owner Retention with Customizable Owner Hub

Increase owner satisfaction and retention with a customizable portal featuring streamlined communication and transparency to increase owner trust.

Best-in-Class Communication

Residents, vendors, and property owners have access to direct messaging, scheduling capabilities, and automated alerts.

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