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Buying a House

Sell & Stay / Age in Place


We make sure that our program is "Win - Win" situation for all involved parties

The Age in Place program builds and fosters relationships between real estate investors and homeowners looking to unlock the non-performing equity of their home without moving or refinancing, while transferring the responsibility of routine maintenance, property taxes, and HOA fees. In exchange for long term agreements developed and managed by highly trained real estate professionals, homeowners and investors alike share peace of mind that their financial goals and quality of life are preserved.

NO stress

Reduced selling costs

NO need to move 

Buyer/Landlord gets a "Fair" purchase price

Landlord gets a GREAT tenant! 
Return of an Investment

Aging homeowners are a large segment of our population who are in the position to reap the benefits of the equity they’ve built in their homes. They may also want to stay in their homes without the pressure of maintaining and repairing their property. Through our Sell & Stay program, homeowners will have the opportunity to sell their homes to a reputable investor. And they can continue to live in the comfort of their homes with additional support from our maintenance and repair services.

Sell (Transfer) Property to a Child or Friend


  • Direct who you want the property to go to and the terms of that transfer

  • Be proactive, not reactive

  • Get your money out

  • Provide them with an investment opportunity

  • They know that you and the house are being taken care of

  • There may be tax benefits 

Program FAQs


Make managing easier.

Leverage the same processes and documentation that we use as licensed professionals to keep you sane and profitable.

Enjoy the fruits.

Experience the convenience of having licensed and experienced professionals handle the heavy lifting. You've worked hard to get where you are. Bring us on to enjoy the fruits of your investments even more.

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