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Listing & Marketing Services for Rent by Owner


Partner with us for your FRBO listing and fill your vacancy without the headaches.

Our licensed team conducts thorough applicant screens to fill your vacancy with state of the art digital marketing. Then, we package the quality applicants for you to approve and resume self-management.

Targeted Property Marketing

  • Your Property Manager will meet with you to design a targeted marketing program to rent your property as quickly as possible.
  • Your Property Manager will execute your targeted markeing program utilizing the Internet, Tucson Multiple Listing Service, local newspapers, circulars and property signs.
  • Your Property Manager will promptly pursue all leads and inquires and schedule showings of your property during the week, evenings and weekends.

Thorough Applicant Screening

  • Prospective Tenants will be screened using an online credit and background checking system that pulls credit history, past criminal records and makes an evaluation and recommendation based on those facts.
  • RGroup Asset Management Team then contacts
    • Previous landlord(s) to verify payment history and care of property.
    • Present employer to verify employment and reported income.
    • References to further determine character and history.
  • Based on the information gathered a determination is made on whether the prospective Tenant is the RIGHT Tenant.

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