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What Agents Are Saying

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An awesome addition to Realty Executives

“I have had terrible past experience with clients dealing with poor property managers and introduce them to Dennis and they are delighted with his service. I love knowing my referrals take care of my clients and how food that makes me look! I think it is an awesome addition as a Realty Executives agent to have an "in house" connection to a property manager. The whole brokerage grows esteem when we have off shots that help our clients! When the clients he manages wants to sell her gives me a heads up. I like being offered levels of involvement when turning a client to Dennis. Honest, reliable service! Grateful. I also get a little check every month that reminds me of why I like to do business with RGroupPM."


Heather Arnaud, Realtor


Highly recommend to all my future clients

“You have made my clients experience very easy. You always maintain a high level of professionalism with the agents, landlords, and tenants. You possess excellent communication skills between all parties and I will highly recommend you and your team to all my future clients in need of property management. You are a hard worker and it does not go unnoticed.”


Michelle Limones, Residential & Commercial Realtor


A great opportunity to continue my relationships

“I am continuing to see how effective you and your team really are and how much I truly appreciate your service. I was incredibly hesitant to let down on the reins as I have been a successful landlord in 3 states now and had attempted to partner with PM's with negative results. I don't have to worry about that with you. Buyers and sellers choose their realtors carefully, and being in the same brokerage as are the Realtors handling their investments (RGroupPM) has been very helpful. It has been a great opportunity to continue my relationships with them and help put them at ease. You being a common ground between myself and my clients, while I work with them doing what my license is meant for, has been seamless and reliable. ”


Lisa M. Gregory, Realtor


Make managing easier.

Leverage the same processes and documentation that we use as licensed professionals to keep you sane and profitable.

Enjoy the fruits.

Experience the convenience of having licensed and experienced professionals handle the heavy lifting. You've worked hard to get where you are. Bring us on to enjoy the fruits of your investments even more.

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