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Arizona is Growing!



For most in the United States and beyond, the economy is a touchy subject. For homeowners and buys, knowing when to buy, when to sell and where to do both are important things to consider especially now. For most renters the dream of buying a home is put on hold to avoid the stress that comes with an inconsistent market. Arizona has taken great strides in the right direction making it a prime place to buy, invest, or even rent. According to an article written by Walter Molony, a writer for the National Association of Realtors:

Since the economic downturn, 8.8 million jobs were lost, but only 7 million have been regained. “We need another 6 to 8 million jobs to get back to normal,” Yun said. The states with the fastest job growth are North Dakota, Utah Idaho, Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, Georgia, Washington, Arizona and New Jersey. The unemployment rate is projected to decline to about 6.7 percent around the end of next year.

Based on the forecast, the top 10 markets to watch for a housing turnaround in 2014 are Salt Lake City; Naples, Fla.; Tampa, Fla.; Atlanta; Boise, Idaho; Houston; Charlotte, N.C.; Denver; Seattle; and Tucson, Arizona.

The hype is growing in Arizona as the housing market continues to show promise. In 2015, will you be catching the wave?

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